The NYR networking ‘Indy app’

What is the ‘Indy App’?

Hi again everybody!
The ‘Indy App’ is a networking tool that will allow all the autonomous grass-root groups around the country to work together and share resources, experience and campaigning ideas. It will allow mentoring and mutual support among pro indy activists, encourage new groups to form and dormant groups to reform. It has been designed to encourage mass activist participation by encouraging increased membership of each of the local groups that make up the backbone of our self-forming grass-root movement.

It will allow any individual interested in getting involved in the Yes Movement to simply download it, enter their postcode and the ‘Indy App’ will direct them straight to their nearest pro indy groups. They can then easily make contact, through the app, and be warmly welcomed and then hopefully join their local group. For this tool to be effective, we need as many groups on the ‘Indy App’ as possible, to be ready to help those interested people into the movement. The ‘Indy App’ public launch date is set for September 18th so time is of the essence!

Should there be no group registered in their area, the ‘Indy App’ will allow interested individuals to make contact with other likeminded local people, meet up, talk and hopefully start their own new local yes group ready to get campaigning in their community.

So, if the grass-roots is to successfully lead the next national campaign on the ground (as it needs to do), then we, as the grass-roots, need to get ourselves organised well before any new referendum is called. Remember, Indyref2 will have a far shorter campaign period this time around. The Indy App will, among many other networking functions, give easy access to all those new activists out there. Potential activists and leaders who are not involved in party politics and who may not even have been involved in 2014 but very much want to get involved now! It’s time for another injection of enthusiasm and as we all know, enthusiasm is the lifeblood of the Yes movement!

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