OPEN INVITE: join our ‘National Tour of the Groups’

If your group would like to arrange an NYR meeting, please contact us on as soon as possible on Coordinating dates is a complex game, so please contact us as soon as possible. In the meantime, here is a little more detail on what is planned…

With the help of the groups, we will hold 40 (or so) public meetings, geographically spread throughout the country so that every group member and potential member that would like to attend, hopefully can attend. We will organise dates and venues with the groups and this list will be published well in advance of each event. We will encourage all groups present to publish a short report after each meeting on both ours and their fb pages and websites so that Q&A developments raised during the tour are shared between groups and events. We will maximise publicity. These meetings will begin from the 20th of June and end as August begins. This gives two weeks for the election results to have settled in before commencing and hopefully just enough time for everyone to refocus on the next ScotRef tasks ahead.

NYR will, meantime, continue to develop the local forums and committee room structures necessary for release of ‘the national forum’ and IndyApp2.0. We have extended the crowdfund deadline to now partly incorporate the tour. In this way our timing projections can hopefully remain largely unchanged as our crowdfunding grows. Once the tour is over and we have raised the necessary funds, IndyApp 2.0 will be released. Culminating in an IndyApp national convention of all participating groups sometime mid-late September.

This is all about momentum. If after the tour we have momentum among the groups and feed it with further regional meetings, forum downloads and a national convention of all the groups, then the IndyApp will have been securely adopted by its membership as their communication platform and it will be ready to be developed by them into the major new grass-root ScotRef campaigning tool it undoubtedly has the potential to become.

So, we look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully meeting up in person at your own group’s event (or perhaps another’s close to you).

To support the new National Tour of the Groups and complete the development of the NYR IndyApp please give whatever you can.
Many thanks from the NYR Team

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  1. How do I join a group which has elected or selected speaker’s, I’m in several indy groups on Facebook. I don’t feel we have a proper voice to talk for us

  2. Hi i live in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis and I don’t think we have any NYR groups here, can I still be able to follow what’s going on in another group/s online or get information sent to my e-mail so that I can keep up to date, I’m totally devoted to the YES movement and was the first person to be flying the YES fir indy saltire flag and I’m also the first person to have put up the YES indy 2 flag up in my garden on a flagpole, we continually check up on Facebook groups like ‘ useful information for independence ‘ and we have had our Scottish passport covers for about 2 years now and they have had a good reaction from airports like Malaga in Spain and different airports around Scotland but sadly I was asked to take it off when I went to london to watch Gun’s ‘N’ Roses, security at Luton airport told me to take it off when using it at any checkpoints but I only took it off when they told me to and it went straight back on and I didn’t remove it again after that and nobody else said anything about it, I think it must have just been that one security guard that didn’t like it on my passport, I did tell him that my passport should not be valid as I was not a British citizen but that I was in fact a Scottish citizen and he didn’t like that said to him, my mother always told me that honesty was the best policy so that’s why I told him that because I’m not British I’m SCOTTISH AND PROUD

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