NYR IndyApp Update


Hi Folks.
Yesterday we sent out Security Logins to all IndyApp group Editors. These Editors now have access to the new NYR IndyApp Editor Portal and are able to complete their group’s public ‘Front Door’ information. We have given each group editor pre download access to the Portal so that, with their co-operation, the new IndyApp download can go ‘live’ in early March, fully populated with all 97 participating Indy Groups! So, the new interactive grass-root network is beginning…

Along with their Security logins, each Editor has also been sent a link to view our Editor Portal Demo film. This is a simple audio-visual instruction manual, which explains the Portal and its functions. The demo also explains how each existing local group member can be logged into their particular group on the IndyApp. This login process can start in early March, once each member has the new IndyApp1.1 downloaded onto their device.

As each individual joins their group on the IndyApp, our new Private Messaging function becomes available to them. This has been designed to network all group members without the need to share emails, telephone numbers or any other contact info. It is the networking pre cursor to the ‘Local Forums’ and ‘Group Resource’ functions, which will follow as the central features of IndyApp1.2 (our next download).

So, if your group is not a member yet, why not contact us? To check if your IndyGroup is on the IndyApp yet, you can search for it here.

For those of you who would like to see what your group Editor is up to on your behalf, then the Editor Portal Demo Film can be viewed here…

Happy IndyApping to all Editors!

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