Need an Android tablet for your IndyApp? Ours was £29 delivered!

If you want a cheap Android tablet, search Amazon or ebay for a KitKat 4.4 tablet. I think they may have gone up since we bought ours but great deals are still out there if you look. We know the IndyApp works on them as we use these machines for IndyApp Android development purposes. Not only good for IndyApp, but quite amazing all round for the money. 🙂

This is not an advert, we are just very keen to try and help those of you who would really like to be part of the IndyApp grass-root community but are maybe on a budget or not yet smart phoned up. Go on, make the leap (cheaply) 🙂

Hope it helps.

We are not connected in anyway to this product and get no payment of any kind from posting this.

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