Announcing a new NYR National Tour of the Groups

After nearly 4 weeks of crowdfunding it’s becoming clear that we’re now very unlikely to meet our target. I think this has a lot to do with our timing unfortunately coinciding with both the council elections and the snap general election, but whatever the reasons this setback must be faced.

As circumstances change, our plans must change.
With this in mind, my feeling is that even if we do raise enough from the current crowdfund to get on with the completion of IndyApp2.0 (and I really hope we do) we still have to address the organisational weakness created from having to register our participating group numbers so quickly over the last few months (108 now registered).
As new participating groups join with less and less knowledge of the full IndyApp concept and its practical networking requirements, such growth (though welcome), inevitably weakens the general levels of understanding among the groups. Group understanding of these underlying principles is essential to the success of the network and so we must be absolutely sure that these principles are properly understood and adopted by everyone as the group network grows.
We will therefore hold another national tour of the groups to fully explain, consolidate and answer any NYR IndyApp questions our growing membership and potential members may now have. By using this tour to help get group memberships registered onto the IndyApp, develop ‘face to face’ relationships with all the new IndyApp editor teams and meet other local groups, the membership groups will again be central to the IndyApp appraisal and development process. Essential if the networking tool is to function properly for the groups it is being built for.

The National Tour of the Groups
With the help of the groups, we will hold 30- 40 public meetings, geographically spread throughout the country, so that every group member and potential member that would like to attend, hopefully can attend. We will organise dates and venues with the groups and this list will be published well in advance of each event. We will encourage all groups present to publish a short report after each meeting on our (and their own) fb page and website so that any Q&A developments raised during the tour are shared between groups and events. We will maximise publicity. These meetings will begin from the 20th of June and end as August begins. This gives two weeks for the election results to have settled in before commencing and hopefully just enough time for everyone to refocus on the next ScotRef tasks ahead.

NYR will, meantime, continue to develop the local forums and committee room structures necessary for release of ‘the national forum’ and IndyApp2.0. It is our intention to extend the crowdfund deadline to incorporate the tour and in that way our timing projections can hopefully remain similar, as our funding grows. Ideally, culminating in an IndyApp national convention of all participating groups around mid-September.

This is all about momentum. If after the tour we have momentum among the groups and feed it with further regional meetings, forum downloads and a national convention of all the groups, then the IndyApp will have been securely adopted by its membership as their communication platform and will be ready to be developed by them into the major new grass-root ScotRef campaigning tool it undoubtedly has the potential to become.

To support our new National Tour of the Groups and complete the development of the NYR IndyApp please give whatever you can at
Many thanks from the whole NYR Team

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