A Very Quick update on NYR IndyApp Progress:

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Hi folks,
we now have 103 groups currently participating in the NYR IndyApp network and each of their Group Editors are in the process of completing their group’s public ‘Front door’ information. This means, once they are all completed, we can launch our new IndyApp 1.1 download fully populated with all 103 participating groups interactive and live! 🙂 You can check if your group is participating yet here:

Just as soon as the new 1.1 download becomes available to the public, the Group Editor Portal allows each Group Editor to make and login their group members. Editors cannot add members to their group until that person has the new download 1.1 installed on their device.

The new IndyApp version also has a private messaging function which will allow members of each group to communicate directly with one another through the IndyApp without the need for emails or personal contact details. This will become very important as groups grow their memberships. Its also the pre cursor to the local and national communications forums that will follow once the groups are ready for them.

We are aiming to get the new download out for Theresa May announcing Article 50, but our priority, as always, is to be sure everything is working as it should before we release. This download is the foundation of all future developments and so simply cannot be rushed.

Suffice to say that progress is good, the IndyApp is looking great and we will be getting the download out very shortly. Any Group Editors out there who have not yet completed their front doors, please do so as quickly as possible. Any group members, please ask your Editor of their progress.

Looking forward with great anticipation to our next download! 🙂
All the very best from all here at the NYR

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