UPDATE: IndyApp Release Strategy

National YES Registry August 30, 2016 | Progress Updates 0 comment

INDY APP RELEASE STRATEGY UPDATE Hi everybody, in order to maximise the number of groups on the IndyApp ready for our 18th of September launch date, we are making a change to our roll-out plans. Our new aim is to ensure each and every group, at the very least, has a working ‘front door’ with…Read More

IndyApp and crowdfunding update

National YES Registry August 26, 2016 | Progress Updates 0 comment

Hi All! We had a day long meeting with the coders of the IndyApp yesterday and have gone through the first working version in order to snag it for bugs etc. We also still need to make all the little final adjustments to colour, sounds and screen transitions that are so important to the feel…Read More

‘Indy App’ crowd funder is a GO GO!

National YES Registry August 18, 2016 | Progress Updates 0 comment

Here we go folks, the final PUSH! Please give what you can, and as soon as you can! The ‘Indy App’ crowdfund appeal is only over 3 weeks this time (instead of 4) as we have been forced to bring all our plans forward due to Brexit! Our national download launch to the public will…Read More

The NYR networking ‘Indy app’

National YES Registry August 1, 2016 | Progress Updates 2 comments

What is the ‘Indy App’? Hi again everybody! The ‘Indy App’ is a networking tool that will allow all the autonomous grass-root groups around the country to work together and share resources, experience and campaigning ideas. It will allow mentoring and mutual support among pro indy activists, encourage new groups to form and dormant groups…Read More

‘Indy App’ : Group membership phases

National YES Registry | Progress Updates 0 comment

‘Indy App’ Group membership phases. You may already be a large, well organised pro-indy group or maybe there are only two of you at the moment wanting to get a local group started in your community? With the help of the new NYR ‘Indy APP’ each group, whatever their stage of development, can easily plug…Read More